Michael Skin​ner, Michigan Appeal Lawyer

Michigan Criminal Appeals 

We concentrate our practice on representation of clients on appeal from criminal convictions. We are committed to giving every case a thorough review and preparation for the criminal appeal, and we consult closely with our clients to determine the best options available to meet the client's goals, whether exoneration, a new trial, or resentencing.

Appellate law requires clear writing, sound logic, and a great attention to detail. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible representation for our clients in their criminal appeals to both the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court.
We handle all aspects of post-conviction matters, including: · Sentencing and Resentencing; · Motions for New Trial; · Direct Appeals; · 6.500 Motions; · Writs of Habeas Corpus; and · Expungement.
If you are considering a criminal appeal, you should contact a Michigan appellate attorney immediately. There are strict deadlines for filing a criminal appeal. Many people contact us after important deadlines have passed. We will schedule a first appointment for free, so please call so that we can meet with you and explain the Michigan appellate process.
Outside appellate counsel is essential in criminal cases. A regularly occurring issue in criminal appeals is ineffective assistance of counsel (a defendant's trial attorney). Only an outside appellate attorney can provide the objectivity necessary to pursue an ineffective assistance of counsel claim. Indeed, a trial lawyer who appeals a criminal case he has handled at trial may very well have a conflict of interest if he was ineffective.
Please call us to set up a free consultation at our offices regarding your criminal appeal. We look forward to hearing from you.  
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