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Michael Skin​ner, Michigan Appeal Lawyer

Michigan Civil Appeals 

My firm is devoted almost exclusively to appellate litigation. I am committed to giving every case a thorough review and preparation for appeal, and I consult closely with my clients to determine the best options available to meet the client's goals. 

In addition to pursuing or defending an appeal on your behalf, I can revi
ew your case and advise you of our opinion on your prospects for success on appeal. If an appeal is advisable, I provide professional representation throughout the appellate process to maximize your chance for success.

I provide appellate representation in all areas of the civil law, including:
· Business appeals;
· Product liability appeals;
· Negligence appeals;
· Divorce and custody appeals;
· Parental rights termination appeals;
· Insurance appeals;
· Intentional tort appeals;
· Workers' compensation appeals;
· Real estate appeals;
· Employment and labor appeals; and
· Administrative appeals.
​If you have any questions about our appellate attorney services, please give us a call. We will set up a free initial consultation at our office during which you can give us the full details of your case and we will advise you about the appellate process. We look forward to hearing from you.