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Michigan Bar Exam Appeals

You have a limited window of opportunity to appeal your Michigan Bar Exam Results. Once the results are released, you have only thirty days to obtain your answers, evaluate your Michigan Bar Exam, and prepare and file an appeal.

You will also find that attorneys who practice in this area will limit the number of clients they take for Michigan Bar Exam Appeals because of the time constraints. Therefore, if you are going to hire an attorney, it is important to move quickly to secure representation and begin the appellate process.

The best appeals are frank. They do not attempt to hoodwink the Michigan Board of Law Examiners with complex or strained legal arguments, but rather provide a brief and plainspoken assessment of the examinee's Exam. It is a fine line to walk, between the strong advocacy needed to achieve a passing score and the candor necessary to maintain one's credibility before the Board.

We will evaluate your Michigan Bar Exam with this same sort of candor. If an appeal is advisable, you may retain us to prepare and file the appeal. We will provide our own analysis of your Michigan Bar Exam, but we keep in regular contact with our clients and welcome all input on possible approaches or arguments.

If you decide not to appeal your Michigan Bar Exam result, we also offer Michigan Bar Exam essay tutoring to help you improve your Michigan Bar Exam essay score the next round.

​Please call us for a free consultation. We hope that we can help you put the Michigan Bar Exam behind you and begin the practice of law.  

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